Support For Some Single Parents

I recently read one man’s rant about black single mothers shaking black men down for money. He claimed that black women try to get black men locked up for non-payment of child support and more. Yes, I will state and own my position that most of the man’s tirade in short can be summed up as rubbish because of his generalisation.

Pic from Itaylor

I’ve seen, read and heard enough to be able to discuss this topic. Yes women can still work hard to provide a life for their children but some men need to get acquainted with the word ‘responsibility’. Their share continues with everything involved with raising a child so yes finances are included. If they don’t want their priorities to change they should remain abstinent. If they feel incapable of going without sex then they should expect to hand over some money when they start earning should a child be made.
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In fact no let me make my statement more accurate; I’m talking to men and women of every race skipping out on their children. Someone needs to tell them to get their act together. There comes a point when prioritising immediate gratification before everything else is no longer ‘cool’ or ‘cute’. Those affected by your selfishness will not ‘follow you’ or ‘like’ the picture of you out late and spending frivolously on your enjoyment. Well, unless they’re conducting their own investigation in preparation of legal proceedings. The single parent you slept with may go without a meal to ensure your child or children have something to eat. They might be up late at night, completing assignments for a course that they hope will benefit their household. They are also more likely to be the one to wake up in the early hours to soothe the child or children crying, wheezing or afraid of the dark.

On the other hand, I am also aware there are those who deliberately get involved with someone for the sole intention of securing a sponsor. There have been many highlighted cases of this amongst celebrities too. Despite, it being quite difficult to ascertain the extent of truth from gossip related website posts and press I agree that this reliance on someone else to provide (unless mutually agreed of course) is quite ridiculous. The time given to manipulate their target, could instead be used to find a way to generate their own money. I’m sure they could be more than someone to look at.

To conclude, the guy would have had a substantial argument if he was more specific. To generalise an entire race though….just sounds ignorant. All the best.

Teherah xXx



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