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In the last few decades it’s apparent that  some men know as much or more about makeup as some women. Therefore, I find it quite odd that makeup has such an impact on others’…perceptions *cough* judgements.

I remember going to my local bank to make a deposit and being greeted by friendly staff. Not only attentive, interested and knowledgeable but the image of courtesy. Yes, I did do a sweep of the vicinity to make sure this wasn’t a press event. Why? I had rushed out the house bare faced and hardly dressed for my possible fifteen minutes. Although, I must say their impeccable manners was very refreshing  and quite new to me. The clerk also tried to engage me in conversation about my coat and wished me a good day.

However, not more than a month later with my surrogate son in tow my visit to the bank could be compared to entering a parrallel universe. The same clerk made no eye contact and didn’t bother to ask me if I wanted anything else that day. It was quite odd; the only difference were my eyebrows that I had filled in (a regular habit for masking my health). In fact the lady seemed to be in quite the hurry and was very flat in comparison to my prior visit. I figured it was all a coincidence until I presented both looks again two months in the two months that followed. No, not as a social experiment but I admit it was a helpful coincidence.


I was more likely to be approached by strangers void of any makeup than with full eyebrows. Clearly I had missed the memo that makeup was a social deterrent and greater than my headphones or reading a book.

The male responses were quite similar, which wasn’t too shabby. Men were mostly cheeky or flirtatious when my eyebrows were filled but held longer conversations when I presented myself as made for this world.

Some women would have a look then apply their own makeup. Others would continue to look at me as they passed, until of course I made eye contact with them. To which they would then do a shoe and attire check. If I wore boots it appeared to be fine but if I wore trainers with my filled eyebrows then a confused look would form on their faces.

Basically I found it all quite ridiculous to be honest. When did my eyebrows tell them anything about my personality? Yeah I don’t know either. In short no I didn’t wake up like this (regarding my eyebrows) but relax it’s only makeup. All the best.

Teherah xXx








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