…You Can’t Have My Life (Tale Of The Creepy Friend)

This post goes out to all those that know of an impersonator and no I’m not speaking about doppelgangers or look-alikes. You may have come across the individual that screams quite “normal” but their friendship is flipping your stomach and not to be taken lightly.


They often start off as quite assertive about their preferences and ideology, until that one day where everything changes. Suddenly their similarities with you seemingly increase. No it’s not the regular “We’ve spent so much time together that we have shared interest”. Why? They are not your friend. I know because I met a friend impersonator live in the flesh. They are initially very charming but they become bitter as they seek what you have. This is especially chilling if your life temporarily acquires hiccups.

Yes, I want you to think of a horror movie to set the scene because this is how dark it can get. The uneasiness in your stomach is not to be ignored, it’s a physiological mayday call. You must abort from this friendship route and depending on how far they depart from humanity, you will often have to build yourself back up to trust again.

Pic from themetapictures

What was so bad? This person who was once opinionated became so similar that you begin to think that you think alike. Birds of a feather,  best minds…no this individual had begun to study your mannerisms and quirky phrases. They want to go shopping with you or for you, you will start to dress similarly. If there is a look you’ve had for ages, you will then share it with your impersonator.

It does not stop at clothes; your family or relatives will (in their head and verbalisations) become theirs too. If it sounds foreign coming out of their mouths don’t ignore it, it’s not banter. Don’t you dare share any personal information about disagreements with your loved ones. They thrive on these disclosures and the will work to heighten the misunderstanding. How? By repeatedly asking you about it in every conversation you have until you become angry or upset. Eventually, you will notice that you have not invited them, they are just showing up at your house. They might even call you to speak to your relatives, just before it’s time to cut them off.

Your relationships become difficult as they want to share your partner. No it’s not friendly banter forget your pride and not wanting to seem jealous, limit their contact with your partner. Don’t allow them to find out or have your partner’s number for any reason. Why? They want everything in your life your relationship goes with the territory. The minute you break up with your partner they will be looking to take over where you left it. Yes, they will pursue your ex and try to engage them in a relationship. Why? To have access to a good seat in watching your emotional demise. They will show no sympathy in the moves that they make and have a socially established degree manipulation; at making others feel sorry for them and shifting the focus from their actions.

In the end you’ll grow tired of it: the references to your relatives and the irritation at you mentioning theirs, the flirting with someone you’re talking to or in a relationship with, the similar attire or mannerisms and their persistent need for them to know everyone that you know and experience every life stage you do. If you become pregnant in my experience lo and behold they too will announce the same thing. Whether or not it’s true is irrelevant the lengths to be you is just odd.


Pretend your life is very dull only share information related to the uneventful periods of your life.

Inform your relatives who can deter them by giving them the cold shoulder. Once they’re comfortable with you, they won’t believe you if you speak on behalf of your loved ones.

Change your number and move home if you can afford to do so. Do not feel sorry for them they’ve spent the entire time waiting to derail your life. Yes, some are this disturbed. Under no circumstances should you allow them back into your life.

I later heard through a mutual acquaintance that my impersonator developed cancer. I wished them a speedy recovery (through that person of course) and let that be it. All the best.

Teherah xXx

Pic from Pinterest




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