Inspiration…And Then?!!

You perceive yourself as a positive individual good. You surround yourself with motivational books, quotes and other resources even better. I’ll just leave a few of my favourites over here….

Okay slight understatement with ‘few’ but it’s to show you that I’ve been there. Reading all the positive information I could get my hands on, praying for a new chapter to begin without helping myself. Yes I believe in God but that’s not what I want to impose on you or anyone else. I just want to highlight the methods that we try to solve our problems. Whilst it’s great to seek uplifting messages, these messages alone cannot create the change.

You must drive the changes you want to see in the areas you recently realised or have known for a long time were just not working. Freeing yourself from unnecessary emotional traffic allows more time for personal achievements.

I have never understood the necessity of a bucket list when there is time to try all the weird and wonderful things you have wondered about now. I have worked in numerous roles and environments and despite others’ concerns of what employers will think I have managed to pay my bills. Yes there were gaps where I was unemployed but I’m an active person so the longest I was out of work was two months. I still managed to meet my financial responsibilities as I had saved prior to leaving each role.

Yes I know it sounds quite extreme as some could not imagine leaping without a safety blanket but I’m a very passionate being. If my heart is not in something I just cannot commit to it and I won’t hang about. I wouldn’t suggest that everyone should do this because we’re not all the same but it is this fact that makes our specie so interesting.

However, everyone has areas of their life they could enhance or change. I want to draw your attention to this for a moment. Ask yourself what is holding you back from taking the actions or steps to remove your theoretical hurdle? In all honesty mine was my parents I was so used to living up to their label of “sensible” and fulfilling the prophecy that I turned off, logged out and shut the creative side of my brain. Worst thing about my decision to go with the “sensible” construct was that over a decade later when I told my parents I would be making a change they were…happy. I couldn’t believe it either, I had kept myself in this “sensible” box for so long for no reason at all. They were supportive in my endeavours to live as my heart had always wanted to be. Free. I was transcendently ecstatic, exaggeration absolutely not I couldn’t take the monotony anymore I was bored with life. It was beyond the nine to fives and more than the people. I wanted to find out who I was: my motivations, my skill-set, my emotions.

I started to and I am currently working on achieving all my personal goals. I wrote my book ‘It’s Not You, It’s Definitely Them’, I made a decent social media page in hopes of promoting for a musician I know. Thanks to my followers they’re close to taking me seriously. I discovered I enjoy writing and it’s helpful for my memory (I touched on head trauma in my book). I dropped all the hangers (people who draped their baggage on me), I got over my need to complete everything and changed my perception of missing the mark or failure in a task. Lastly and most importantly I found happiness and I look forward to each day. I have always been a morning person but now I’d be sickening to those who don’t like people like me. Well it’s okay because I genuinely do not care about opinions as long as I’m not hurting anyone I will do as I please and so should you. If today was my last I wouldn’t worry, I know those who care would be able to explain my personality and passions.

I’m not done with my overhaul; I still want to write more books preferably fiction but whatever pulls me. I hope to knit I’m currently awaiting the delivery of the needles to tackle this challenge. I also want to feel the butterflies and nervous jitters of my experiences as I strive to remain present in each moment. Yes I know things may not always go to plan and I’m finally okay with that possibility too. In fact recently I nearly reverted back to the monotony before I remembered the bliss of my changes and corrected myself. It serves as a reminder that habits are hard to break but not impossible.

I’ll probably have more to add to my list of things to try as I move forward on this path, my journey. After inspiration.

All the best

Teherah xXx



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