It’s Just Hair

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It’s just hair said everyone and believed no one especially me. I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease about fourteen years ago and was now also in the grey area of a Thyroid condition. Even after I was discharged from hospital care I still had related symptoms that I had tried my best to manage with my diet. Last time I tried to tell a medical professional they had dismissed my concerns, as my blood tests had come back within normal range. Well you can kiss my ass with that phrase normal range because I know body and my second blood test told them I was right with my earlier concern. My thyroid levels were higher for about six weeks then lower than normal for a further five weeks.

It’s Just Hair

The joys of healthcare; the antagonism between helping yourself and seeking professional input. I was having blurred vision, feeling light-headed or tired. When I wasn’t feeling dizzy or sweating like a long distance Olympian¬†then it got worse yes I was losing my hair. My source of envy as a child that I had taken for granted in my tomboy phase. Yet because my blood said my hormone levels were fine I was being dismissed for sounding like I was exaggerating the situation. Really?!!! I’d gladly swap lives with those readily rolling their eyes like it’s a simple vanity issue. Unless you’ve actually had the hair on you head and eyebrows run from you or become best friends with your floor, sink comb and every other surface we have absolutely nothing to discuss. Try as you might, you would never completely get it no words of reassurance would stop the loss.

It’s Just Hair

People like myself do not wish for gold or lottery winnings, we yearn for our follicles the way a baby cries for a feed. We long to put our hair up like everyone else or try a different style but nope we have to resign ourselves to fringes or bangs and looks that cover our natural silk bases. No exaggeration when it’s sparse it’s as smooth as the baby. Products?!!! yeah sure I’ve tried it but a product that claims to work miracles and has reviews by haired people never seemed to work for people like me. That doesn’t immediately curb our search for hair or other variations of “full proof” products, before we give up the fight…NEVER!!! We go to war for this reason in the same fierceness as the Roman Soldiers in films. Sparta has nothing on us.

It’s Just Hair

My most annoying purchase was a thin satin scarf that I cut to size to wear as a head band. It was cute it went with most outfits and covered my secret until I became dependent. I literally could not leave my house without it. I would be frantic in my search, in fact eventually my relatives knew better than to get in my way. Absolutely ridiculous in reflection but they had not been in my situation; children were honest “Miss why do you always wear that? Do you wear that to bed?” Whilst adults were just VILE “She thinks we don’t know why she wears that hairband! [insert laughs and whispers]” Like I told them, I’ll tell you even with my separation from my follicles I was and still remain cuter than they would ever be. Yes I said it Google me. No amount of products would shift their stench of a personality. I know for a fact I still had more unwanted male attention and (let me rub salt in for a minute) real evidenced proposals of marriage than them. Yes stress the ‘s’ plural. Despite my initial thoughts that I could not rely on my appearance, clearly it’s better than I thought. Now if only I felt like getting married…that’s another discussion.

It’s Just Hair

Then one day it changed. I stopped caring about these negative insects in the grand scheme of my life, accepted myself and my journey. I won’t lie, I figured one last round with medication iron tablets and vitamin D then I’d move on with my life. Yes, I’ll review these dietary additions if you want but the relief alone bred tiny curls and tufts where there were none before. I found and loved me. I no longer needed to worry whether my hair or lack of was showing when I kissed my partner and I would openly tell others including judgemental hairdressers what they were soon to see. What now? Whatever I want and all the best with what you want.

It’s Just Hair

Don’t believe the media or otherwise insecure imbeciles telling you about edges or a popular basketball player. They know full well that if said b-ball player spoke to their woman they would be single or would swallow their contradictory pride like the health conscious suck on lemons in hopes of befriending said man. They also don’t have an ass-kicking condition like you or I, we’re the heroes we make it look easy.

It’s Just Hair

Hold your head high and let your scalp breathe as much as you can bear. I still wear my hairband when I want to of course but typically when it starts again. My loved ones don’t care and all other opinions don’t matter. You’re wonderful and more importantly beautiful, I said so now tell them that.
Teherah xXx


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