Conscious Communicators – Do They Exist?

With so many opinions and such little time, I often wonder if people actually take a breath to listen anymore. I also wonder what really happened, to make some seemingly lagging or clueless when it comes to communication. Clearly my title sums up my initial thoughts following the demands of those I speak of right now.

Conversations are a bidirectional process. You learnt this long ago so if I’m honest it saddens me to think that the rise of selfishness that socially devastates has silenced others. Those who may have offered more wonderous topics or perspectives. Could we be missing out on solutions or bridges to greatness because of the incessant need to hear one’s own voice? I am glad for websites like this that give a platform to the conversation conscious and extra room for the bulls in China shops.

The challenges of communication are more than seemingly hearing or reading the other’s intentions of what they have shared. However, issues arise when the listener is no longer listening to understand but merely listening to respond. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t know, I’m referring to pause that feels like the turn of the skipping rope as you wonder when is the best time to go. Your turn. Perhaps you also know the repetitive agreement sounds if you’ve said “Mmm” or “Okay” for the twentieth time maybe inform them of the parts that you concur. This might remind them of the fact that they didn’t start the conversation speaking to themselves.

Otherwise you may find that the conversation becomes an uneventful and uninspiring three hundred and sixty degree journey. Mostly repetition. All problem with thorough inspection and no resolution. Possibly a relationship similar to that of student-teacher dialogue one person constantly correcting the other. Am I saying that you can’t help others? No I am not but surely if you understood to give the correction then the other person must have been close enough so give them a break. Especially if they’re outside of education or healthcare settings. Situations like the former often leaves one person exhaling a sigh of relief once the line becomes dead or they continue on their way. The foundations of communication were to enhance attachments but now some send others running for the hills: immediately feigning that they are unwell or quite sick, suddenly hungry though they just ate or even bursting to use the toilet with an empty bladder during some or every call.

Yes I have considered that speaking will not be the preferred mode of communication for all. If this is you could you write things down? It might assist you to make sure you’re also getting an opportunity to share. No one deserves to be ignored nor should they have to fight for talking time beyond the network providers of course.

Obviously there are moments of excitement when you can hardly contain yourself to slow down. There are also the memory capabilities issue that prevents some from pausing, otherwise they forget their train of thought.

Nonetheless, we are social by nature and capable of adapting.  so I just hope that one person will at least consider being more of a conscious communicator. All the best.

Teherah xXx



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