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The only part of the ‘light skin’ ‘dark skin’ debate that I have time for is its laughable and obvious contradiction.

To support either side says to the beautiful array of our fellow human beings you are not even worth a mention.

It is not inclusive, though you may believe you are helping to give a round to those who are overdue a pat on the back.

Society left them and devalued them but now wants to walk back in with its prejudice tail between its legs. Well “run along” I say.

You felt ashamed long ago and you haven’t suffered enough to learn from your mistakes. When you first indoctrinated your children to turn from mother to hate.

I’ll make you look at me, feel free to assess like clockwork. Judge me. I am the product of both sides. I know you’ll use those same hands to feign you empathise but just know I’m speaking to your heart. No, don’t bother with your charade.

I know my worth greatly exceeds what you see because all you notice is…skin.

all the best.

Teherah xXx


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