Private Caller: “Hello It’s Your Conscience”


Susan shivered as she woke to the sounds of birds chirping, peeking out from under a duvet she didn’t recognise she spotted that the top window had been left ajar. What top window? Susan buried her head back into her pillow before repeating the question to herself. As she recalled last nights events she remembered where she was and how she had arrived. She sat up and looked out the window throwing insults into the distance and sighing at her decisions, which were now part of her past and couldn’t be stricken from her life.

Not knowing what to do Susan covered her face with her hands in a last ditch attempt to wake up before Edmund’s voice cut through the silence ‘What you doing?’ He quizzed. Susan remained silent for a few seconds before adjusting her arms and hands into a stretch and responding ‘Nothing’. She had thought to tell a lie and pretend she was preparing for yoga but knowing Edmund he would have asked her to show him some moves. ‘Come back to bed’ Edmund said as he shook out the coral shawl, Susan turned on the bed to face Edmund before she frowned when she saw it. ‘Is it the colour? I thought you liked coral’ Edmund asked. ‘Who does it belong to?’ replied Susan uneasily waiting for Edmund’s response she was already in Vanessa’s bed inside Vanessa’s house the last thing she needed was more reminders of Vanessa and how much of a mistake things would seem later.

Edmund propped himself up by bending his left elbow and using his left palm to comfort his jaw and neck before chuckling, he had guessed where Susan’s thoughts had taken her ‘Susan relax this is the scarf that I bought you years ago, when things were different. If you still want it you will be the only person that I’ve offered it to’ Edmund said awaiting Susan’s response. Susan was slow to reply she had been quietly bracing herself to block out back news ‘Yes I like it, thank you for my shawl’, she took the shawl and wrapped it around her shoulders. Edmund smiled ‘Okay shawl, scarf as long as you like it. Now can I have a kiss?’ He tried to reach for her and Susan quickly climbed off the bed ‘No you’re married’ she added.

Edmund laughed ‘Yeah but only by registry. Susan don’t make me come over there’, Susan appeared distracted in thought for a few seconds before speaking ‘It’s not funny Edmund. You’re not my husband to be sleeping with, I shouldn’t even be here’. Edmund sat up acknowledging that Susan was deeper in her mind than he initially understood ‘Susan calm down I won’t laugh anymore. Technically I am your husband. I’m your ex husband and hopefully not forever. If we can to be honest for a moment from my recollection I wasn’t the only person enjoying what happened last night. Why ruin it today with unnecessary worries?’…

Copyright Teherah Wheeler (©) 2016




My extended question to the status quo, as I wonder if this will remain the trend. If you have any thoughts or want to offload then please share. All the best.

Teherah xXx


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