It’s Only Social Media

For the most part I lean towards altruism in physical contexts. I’m considerate of others, empathic, helpful and other synonyms (so people tell me 😊). Yes I try to be that person and so far so good…OTHER THAN social media.

Before you get slightly worried no I’m currently not and never will I ever be a ‘troll’ or a ‘catfish’. However I literally see no point in following people that have pages  you don’t find yourself  browsing through. If you’re not networking or directly talking to someone at least once what is the point? After all it’s should be about entertainment so you may not see it that way at first but I’m hopeful that you will in time.

I don’t care to join live cams so don’t ask me. *Uhhh errrr* [insert game show negative answer audio]. I quite like my own body so if the urge should take me all I need to do is look down. Pass!!!

Please don’t send me links to images of freak accident wounds or genital infections. Gross!!!

No streams of unnecessary insults  about someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, cousin twice removed, ‘side’ or ‘down low’ anything or a baby. I’ll let you know when I’m interested okay. Please also refrain from including me in boring stereotype baiting *Yawn* WOW!!! It’s so effective. We live in the same world so unless you have a new perspective, I’m sure I’ve heard, read or seen it all before. If it’s not comedic funny or tasteful leave me out of it. Thanks!!!

Truth is I’m not a fan. I’m a follower on my social media accounts. I’m also doing you a great disservice by just sitting there, in my inactive I honestly forgot you fashion. Eventually as the followers increase it takes quite some time to get through the posts and wouldn’t you rather focus on the devoted and highly interactive fans. In actual fact I’ve done you a favour by unfollowing you; I’ve allowed you to be at least one person closer to your fans.

I will always wish you well and want the best for you but don’t get upset if I unfollow you. Not only am I just a number on social media but also the app can be closed.

Teherah xXx


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