‘THE COUGH’ – Discussion, Plot, Characters etc


Quick Acknowledgements (Ignore if you don’t like soppiness)

Okay so Amazon is playing with me right now and keeping the book to themselves but hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer to get a copy of my first novel. Yes I do feel your support, although I don’t know who you are. I do know that you read almost every post of mine and probably bought my memoir that details the growing pains of little o’l me so thank you. I appreciate you so don’t be a stranger drop me a message or something. Also thank you to those that check my social media just as often…OKAY ENOUGH MUSH!!!! lol

What is the point of this story?

Other than enjoyment, I wanted to use this novel to take the reader into the mind of someone else. Someone outside of themselves, through literature I hoped to spark more interest in learning about others and our wonderful differences. Not at a politically correct textbook way but as an organic experience that sticks with you and maybe you might want to refer to in the future, irrespective of your demographics. I also figured it would be easier and more productive for me to address many social issues (or some sweeping lies) that often get repeated as banter such as:

1.The portrayal of mixed race people as confused.

2.The depiction of black men as posturing barbarians, blind followers and hateful to black women.

3. One I reveal at the end…I’ll let  you tell me (leave a comment when you find out).

4. The image of white women as submissive.

5. The little emphasis on family in favour of accumulating “friends” (or acquaintances). Why can’t we have both?

6. Incest and  grooming.

7. Conditions of criminality no not the poverty debate but the circumstances where criminal acts can be perceived as understandable. Yes I’m law-abiding but I couldn’t ignore it.

8. Lastly something lighter the notion that you have no power to change things in your life. The things that you’re often internally unhappy with before you go to bed at night or desperately try to ignore when you wake up in the morning.


It’s my surprise to you so get yourself a copy of the book (and skip to the end if you have to) ebook and paperback formats available once approved by Amazon ;P


Edmund – Effortlessly suave, resilient and sarcastic man with a big heart. I take you on his journey into his new chapter of living.

Susan – Abundantly nurturing, modest and evolving woman. She experiences both the highs and lows of reinventing your goals and presence in life.

Vanessa – Child-like romanticist, with a beautifully-menacing exterior. More than the stereotype of an independent woman or a feminist; yes she’s educated but she has studies and perfects how to carry out her revenge.

Eddie – The product of a torment; his adoration is initially pleasing but eventually destructive. 

Caleb Sr – Reformed man and a blunt and loving husband. He keeps his discussion to the point and keeps it void of a filter.

Telina – Feisty, passionate wife and mother. The glue that keeps her family together and her local community. Forward thinking with a socially colour-blind perspective and a distinct set of values that she’s happy to share.

Caleb Jr – Seemingly regular energetic and articulate six year old  with a pancake obsession  (for a reason you’ll find out) and an inherent knack for getting involved in adult situations.

How did I get here?

I was bored out of my mind with my day job so I decided to write and now I don’t  know that I’ll be able to stop. No I’m not going to stick with just suspense stories; I’m a multi-faceted individual with many moods like everyone else so I want to try other genres especially romance as that would be a real challenge for me. I come from somewhere, which can be quite rough at times. I know struggle, I know pain both mental and physical but I honestly didn’t find happiness until I put my pen to paper and started to write and I hope to share that side of myself.

Roaring success or not I had a goal and I unashamedly went for it.

All the best.

Teherah xXx



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