Get Off The Fence More Often

I’m referring to the layperson habit of regularly applying the finest acting skills to appear like they agree with something or someone that they really don’t. Reasoning for the former behaviour includes the relationships that are often hidden from others: capitalism and their self-esteem, habit and the blissfully ignorant bystander or maybe power-seeking and disregard for others.


To be any different to those internally struggling with the prior examples would only equate to you firmly sticking out. You become a sudden flicker of vivid colour in the dull landscape of appropriateness that is the status quo or even perhaps the vision of rebellion against those pesky situational “norms”.


I’m sure most can relate to the context of communicating a completely different perspective of: colleagues, clients or even relatives, once they have the comfort of a private conversation or return home.


Well I have to admit I fixed the former overcompensation and now I’m the other extreme. I just can’t give face, this is my biggest “social flaw”. It probably also explains why I’m not on the Forbes list right now. I’m sorry to others who just don’t understand me but please know that it’s not often a conscious decision. I just can’t for the depth of my gut and soul, muscles in my face nor movement of my tongue and my fingers as I write this… schmooze anyone. My conscience becomes riddled with regret and worry if I misrepresent myself by sharing points or thoughts I don’t agree with to save others from feeling alone or “different”.


It has been suggested by my elders  that as some people age, they become less tolerant and I would have to agree that this is very me. Luckily not a whiner but firm in my perspective until shown a compromise. Now in the time of “who you know” (where networking is given priority), instead of academic attainment I know that I have socially pulled the shortest stick of the bunch. Well the funniest discovery for me is that I’m okay with this knowledge. I have no room anything else. If I’m honest I was just tired of the internal bubble and corresponding moods that I experienced after giving face for so many years as a teen. Take me or leave me, I will remain internally at peace and if you feel no one else will give you the truth just ask me, maybe I can help. All the best.

Teherah xXx


2 thoughts on “Get Off The Fence More Often

  1. Нowdy! This article could not Ьe written much better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous rօommate!
    He continually ҝept talking abοut this. I’ll send this information to him.

    Fairly certain he’s ցoing to have a very good reaԁ.

    Many thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you Frank, I’m glad you enjoyed this post and yes please share it with your roommate.

      Life is unpredictable but I genuinely feel we make it harder on ourselves by accommodating situations and relationships that we really don’t like out of common courtesy. Common courtesy for some who are too invested should only be remembered when greeting strangers (but we don’t have to do this either).

      Sometimes, the justifications that others give and we give ourselves aren’t enough and our conscience kicks in. I’ve been there and it didn’t feel good AT ALL. We’re taught to be nice and accepting when we’re younger but sometimes life is rough so we band together with people who aren’t a fit for us or settle for a context that annoys us. Yes, we know it because we feel it with every interaction.

      If we become more in tune with our needs and feelings we remember our true human nature, when we were more ourselves (and hopefully) kind or passionate lol. The time when competition was fun or banter because we could accept that we gave our best so we could accept good things that weren’t for us. Let’s get back to that. Good deeds, at the very least breeds bursts of positive energy.

      If we find what makes us happy or authentically enjoy then no one can dampen our confidence and happiness. Have a good day Frank your comment made mine. 😊


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