Here Comes The Nails

It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared a real life experience so I thought I’d discuss my once private nail art obsession. If you could see me now you’ll probably look from my au naturel fingers to my face like really?!! But don’t be fooled by my divine paint job. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.


It all started when I working outside of my comfort zone. The role had many benefits, which was initially great much hurrah until a week into the role when a woman approached me and said ‘Nail varnish isn’t permitted.’ Before I made any changes of course I went through the policy book and there it was, right below the uniform section. I had missed the two lines about nail polish. I did what I needed to do to keep my job as obviously the sni…sociable lady would continue to advise me.

Is it that serious? Yes, it really was the pull was intense because it was something I couldn’t do. The truth is we’re human so sometimes we want what we can’t have and no I’m not generalising to cheating or criminal activity. Neither of those will get any support from me judgement, judgement I’m so TURRIBLE!!! Yes I know there’s a ‘u’ and yes that was indeed quite extra but equally intentional, artistic license. Continue.

The pull of nail varnish was incredibly strong that I would have to catch myself because my eyes were wandering to the hands of strangers. Please don’t experiment with this unless you’re unattached. I took one for the team and discovered that apparently looking at someone’s hands can be interpreted as flirting. A sign that you’re seeking their physical contact. Huh?!! Why had no one told me?

Moving this train along, the varnish was calling me and delivering an array of emotions. Yes, at the time it wasn’t fun. Let me add sadly, it was comparable to the feeling you get when you can smell and see delicious food but are then asked to wait for everyone to arrive before you can actually eat. Whomp, whomp like c’mon not even a small bowl? Well at the time I asked little, big nosey ‘What not even clear nail varnish?’ Then weighed up the risk by talking myself into and out of what became fleeting ideas ‘What if I paint a nail or two then skip the rest?’ The answer was no because at work little, big nosey returned. No idea what she was looking for alas the promotion wasn’t on my nails.

How about…

The disappointment you get when you’ve prepared everything so that you can step out looking oh so good (yes, you should say so yourself). Perhaps for an epic night out or a super lavish event and then on the day of reckoning, life decides to teach you a lesson about adaption. You wake up to find a winking monster of a pimple on your beautiful face.

Well, I had adapted and painted my toenails to keep the annoyance at bay. My admin colleagues who could wear nail varnish had morphed into funny thorns in my ears. They would wave their fingers at me and ask me to look. I suddenly found myself planning my holiday nail designs a month before and I realised how ridiculous I had become. Ms little, big nosey continued to watch me like an eagle. I know the saying is ‘hawk’ but if like me you’ve seen an eagle swoop from the height of a peak just to inspect the shimmer of the mirror in an instructor’s hand, then you might want to use the word ‘eagle’ sometimes.

I continued to look online and not long after that I discovered an app that allowed me to pin pictures. Each time I would show my other interested relatives the pictures and even offered to paint their nails when my toenails didn’t require a fresh coat. How did it end…more like I’ll let you know when. Eventually, my collection of nail art pictures grew and I got over the workplace policy. Thank you for reading.

All the best.

Teherah xXx

(All pictures found on Pinterest)


6 thoughts on “Here Comes The Nails

  1. You are really into nail paints and nail art. Weirdly enough, I’ve never tried it. I do love painting my nails with light colors, but only if I’m going somewhere special. Though I do love long nails, but my hubby hates them, so I try to keep them short.
    But I’m happy that you found alternatives to quench your thirst for nail paints by painting your toes. Lovely idea.

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    1. Yes, I like to keep the magic on my toes now. I look at nail art like an additional style accessory but like you I tend to keep my fingernails bare. The OCD was rife, one chip of my varnish and I’d have to redo them lol so in the end I decided to save the painted fingernails for functions or nights out. Even when I did get my fingernails done I never really enjoyed the feline claws on myself but they do look lovely on others.

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      1. Maybe you should spoil yourself and grow them, a simple snip will bring them right back down if you change your mind. I do that sometimes just to see if they remember how to grow lol. 😊

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