Beyond (Short Story Tribute to Father’s Day)

It began with a low rumble and ended with a superlative screech in the knick of time. The mission to the information hub was very unpredictable. Many had tried and few consistently succeeded but this did not deter Stephen who had no formal training but two very enthusiastic mentors. They shared their knowledge and methods of retaining navigational reminders. Following a few trials Stephen was proud to say that he was no longer a rookie and had acquired many skills in preparation for the one opportunity that he dreamt of for so long I’ll make it in time, all by myself.

As a reward for completing  his training he had spent a considerable amount of time in the wilderness with majestic animals and animated minibeasts, they had brought him great joy and reminded him of his carefree spirit. The richness of that space and time still lingered in his mind as he changed into his disguise. Stephen decided to play it by ear for the most part but was quite pleased that he could easily make the choice to go into stealth mode should it be required.

Stephen’s pursuit of the information hub was marked with an astounding slam that belied the initial ease of the path before him, Stephen blew out his reservations and mustered he game face choosing to take the journey alone.

Beyond the safe zone, the winding path seemed longer than Stephen remembered but instead of giving in and contacting his mentor he hitched a ride on the communal service. The downpour of rain mingled with the smog and made it difficult for Stephen to see and as he wiped the traitorous steam off the window he became uncertain about how far he had travelled.

An unplanned accident completely derailed the course causing mutiny inside the communal service right. The assumed beast of a warrior swaggered backwards and crushed Stephen’s steps, they were contaminated with the reminder even after the pain subsided right. The elders were in uproar at the audacity of the more able-bodied that brushed against them with each sharp jerk to find adequate friction left. Stephen experienced his own struggle; with maintaining his attention on the path before him and peering out of the newly wiped spy hole he realised that he would be forced to improvise.

Stephen jumped off and walked straight ahead for quite sometime, ever mindful of the competitor on his wrist that he would never catch. He also hoped to see something familiar unconcerned about whether it would be man made or natural but he saw none and due to the weather the frequency of his blinks increased his obstructions.

Stephen grew weary of the journey specifically the time that it was taking and noticing his first opportunity to ask for help he walked towards the edge, just as a large vehicle came zipping past him and sprayed him in its wake. Stephen’s attire was transformed into a mud-mingling canvas.

He eventually trudged into the public venue that he had spotted earlier and asked them for directions but they could offer no help.

Stephen started to walk back on himself when a faint rumbling shadow began to tail him. He panicked and proceeded to walk faster all he would had to do was get to the end of the road and the stranger would be forced to travel in a different direction but the road seemed longer this time. The rumbling got louder and then the window slowly revealed the smile of a familiar face and a beckoning hand…

‘Well done Stephen, a good first attempt at creating a heroic moment when the person saved you with their car. Now I want you to think about what you would add to the character? and I still don’t know what the screech is,’ said Mrs Charles. Stephen’s face was a picture as he looked at his teacher quite perplexed before responding,

‘…but Mrs Charles you were there in the morning,’ Stephen reasoned hoping to get out of writing more. Mrs Charles had met Stephen at the gate in the morning but she was bewildered by his statement.

‘My Dad was rushing so I wouldn’t be late for school and when we got here his car screeched. Dad said it happened when the weather is terrible like today…Mrs Charles,’ Stephen sheepishly hesitated.

‘Yes Stephen,’ Mrs Charles answered noticing that Stephen had not left his position at the front of the class. His peers where also mostly fixed on him and waiting for him to speak or change his mind and return to his seat. Stephen cleared his throat,

‘I wouldn’t add anything to my Dad,’ Stephen beamed with pride as he sat down. It had been quite a long day so it took Mrs Charles a few minutes to ascertain what he was talking about and why he was talking about his Dad but suddenly it all made sense his hero.

Copyright Teherah Wheeler (©) 2016

All the best

Teherah xXx

pic from Pinterest
pic from Pinterest

Genre: Drama

Blog Battle entry for the writing challenge hosted by Rachael Ritchey.

Published by Teherah

Teherah started her career as a Children's Leisure Instructor then went on to work for several charity and council organisations including centres for young people with complex needs. The former experiences propelled the change from play work to teaching assisting and healthcare, which perpetuated her fascination with language and additional needs. Teherah appreciates most creative forms: literature, art, music, and dance.

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