A vessel of change

A beginner and master of skills

A nurturer of life and death

A receiver of supportive and toxic ideology

The mannequin of appropriation

The vulnerable canvas of social media

Why then is it so challenging to comprehend being receptive to trusting ourselves?

Whilst we already trust others that we may never see with the naked eye

How so?

The power to present what they want us to communicate, until all it takes is an image for one to completely abandon themselves.

Why must some seek power at any cost?

It’s often forgotten that those we most admire started from the same process that made us

Must we always be wary of motive regarding the layperson?

Surely if we exist as examples of the traits we wished others similarly possessed, then new relationships aren’t always something to be feared

For someone else notices these qualities in you

Extend the courtesy

A rational mind can delve into experiences with a present mindset

We must not anticipate repetition of our past


Let’s converse with our creatures of habit

Banish them from governing out systems of perception

May your mind be renewed so experiences feed your soul and not just your ego


No longer terrified

Copyright Teherah Wheeler (©) 2016

All the best

Teherah xXx

My interpretation of the daily writing prompt – Open | The Daily Post


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