A TOWN CALLED CRAVE (the beginning)

The tracker network was installed overnight. The quick zooom!!! that sounded like the tight squeeze of something caught in a suction device was paired with an orange beam of light. The atom scanners were the town’s latest addition and sent tagging information back to Crave Corporation. Doctor Locke had already received intel that Mayor Heckle sent orders for the new devices to be incorporated into every public building, following the well publicised breach of official buildings and of course the extensive attention given to the alleged assassination attempts from the HcR….no, not a High Commander’s Regiment of something snazzy to imply weapon training. HcR actually referred to the Health Conscious Rebels a human subculture that didn’t physically exist in Crave but were said to have opposed the unhealthy direction of the town just over a century ago and sought to completely wipe the town from existence so that nature could flourish and reclaim the space.

Well let’s say Trish was all ears and serious…until the…as she put it ‘grandiose ending’ that suggested the war had been declared for the lives of vegetation. She had always found it quite incredulous that a group of people wanting to eat healthily at a time when such food groups thrived, could possibly cause such an almighty stir but this is what each new generation of Crave were being fed. This was the town’s unspoken right of passage and despite the alleged banishing of the last generation of HcR just over a decade ago, the ritual remained. At the age of eight years old the young of the Working Elite were subjected to grotesque experimental footage of why they would need to ensure a daily dose of the DB4 injection, whilst the children of the Leisure Elite were given the capsule form as a more respectable substitute by their parents. Apparently the offspring of the Leisure Elite were less likely to incite mutiny or become a HcR. Although, Trish would beg to differ based on her experiences with the children of LE parents; to her they seemed to be the most likely to bend the rules and willing to do anything to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

The large monitors inside the food stop suddenly sprang to life; assisting the transmission of the hourly scheduled Crave Corporation snack advertisement. Trish watched some of appreciative reactions of the customers at other tables and their younger relatives who pointed and danced to the jingle from their seats. Trish turned to the monitor herself and took in the new foods that would be coming soon.  Then the orange…the luminous orange returned and the colour soon transitioned into words Crave Corporation but Trish was no longer in the food stop…


Teherah xXx
Copyright Teherah Wheeler (©) 2016


Thank you reading my sample. It’s been awhile (months) since I’ve been able to share all the fun that goes on inside my head but I’m oiling my joints. 🤓  I’m grateful to those that have directly contacted me for a new post. I appreciate your support. 😊

In the meantime check out my other book The Cough.




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