#Decipher The Plot Challenge

Vanessa sat alone in the apartment she bought for her love, she sobbed hysterically but briefly before correcting her emotional response. As Vanessa became quiet with her thoughts the rustling of the leaves outside her open window further calmed her senses, her conscience. She pulled the provoking image out of the photo album, neatly applied folded sellotape to the four corners before adding it to the collage on the largest wall of their bedroom. 

Vanessa let her hand trail down the side of her face with her eyes temporarily closed, as she recalled their second moment of intimacy. How glorious it felt to be kissed by him, how he had held her face so delicately in similar fashion to unmarked vintage silk. Her mind then wandered over the faces of her relatives; the disgust and anger of her father very vivid as he erupted on his reflection and threatened to kill him. 

Vanessa had been confused at the time, she had no idea why something so beautiful and exhilarating could wretch the stomachs of her family. She hoped they would be happy to see her finally being a teenager out of the house and dating. Maybe they were expecting her to present a boy, as she hadn’t corrected them when they made the error of assuming this but stood beside her was a man who loved her. He repeatedly told her so and was willing to continue showing her this despite their relatives threats to kill him and persistent attempts to have him arrested. Vanessa had been loyal to her lover, she laughed at the police officers that showed up at the house to question her about her relationship.

It was no business of theirs and the feelings of her family didn’t matter either Vanessa had deduced that they were all incredibly jealous. Yes, envious of her beauty, intelligence and qualifications, the money her love regularly brought to her and the nice things he also bought for her. She had tried to keep their passion a secret like her gentle Eddie warned her but she no longer wanted to pretend at the time. Vanessa wanted to share her increasingly extending happiness with her family, soon they would know anyway. Her best gift would soon protrude through her clothes, she would glow with his affections and swell in gratitude for the love of this man.

Copyright Teherah Wheeler (©) 2016

What do you get from this character feelings/mood, plot/social relationship? This is a sample from my first fiction outlet I was watching a horror film (which was a mistake lol) and this back story just came to mind (silver lining). I just looked for the attached image today at 23:01 and found it quite a creepy coincidence that the piece was titled ‘Vanessa’ like my character. Anyway after a prayer lol I’ve decided to run with it and make something bigger. All the best.

Teherah xXx


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