Book – MAAAN!!! A MAN

What’s the book about?

Omah is the native Prince from the enchanted empire of Jicotea, a kingdom expanded from the spiritual beginnings of harmonious tribes. Omah has everything one could want or inherit except the two things that would make him the ideal royal…adventure and a portrait worthy smile. Following the appearance of the mysterious Moilinere’s magical key, Omah is transported to an incredulous land where intelligent sheep reign over the giants. The Prince forms an unlikely friendship with a fashionable but misunderstood giant called Mook. The two companions Omah and Mook devise a plan to save the land of ShRATI from the single colour obsessed hooves of the sheep.

Sounds great!

I agree 🤣

Where can you read it?

Oh! Oh! I know the answer

Click Here for the ebook

Don’t say I never gave you anything 😉

Book Cover designed by CrazyArt

All the best

Teherah xXx

Published by Teherah

Teherah started her career as a Children's Leisure Instructor then went on to work for several charity and council organisations including centres for young people with complex needs. The former experiences propelled the change from play work to teaching assisting and healthcare, which perpetuated her fascination with language and additional needs. Teherah appreciates most creative forms: literature, art, music, and dance.

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