This blog began as a ‘return to sender’ for the different social issues affecting you or those you know. Written from the perspective of someone who has been fortunate enough to meet at least one example of all the wrong types of people in life. Providing a much needed creative outlet for me and hopefully a cheeky read or few for you. 

However, once the burning need to share my frustrations was quenched, I started to write from visual and emotional cues and the vulnerable moments of others. This has allowed me to produce both sentimental and relatable stories and silly bits of fun because I like to laugh. There are also a few poems stacked amongst the pack. 

My writing has been an exciting learning process on and off media and I’m glad to say that it’s one of the best changes that I’ve made in my life to date. Enjoy!!! 😊

Catch up with my kindle ebooks: 

‘It’s Not You, It’s Definitely Them’ (memoir)

‘The Cough’ (fiction suspense/thriller)

That Spark’ (fiction romance/romantic comedy)

whilst I cook up the next one. The books are also available as paperbacks. All the best.

Teherah xXx


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