REBOOT! – Mental Strength and Healing

pic from Take action now with this link to motivational quotes REBOOT! The rise and descend of reaction. The forceful release of revenge, readily clung to finite resolution. One apparent option stressed. Acknowledge. Glaringly awkward and slick. All roads leading to high ground seemingly smashed to smithereens. Moisture darted, exhausted breaths, no reason and […]

MAAAN!!! A MAN (part 2)

…but was urged by Gloria to let Omar be, which was a good decision considering Omar shortly returned with a small weirdly shaped ball in hand. The Prince enthusiastically guzzled an entire positivity potion save for a few drops, placing the empty bottle near the rocking penguins. The swirl of purple vapour from the rim […]


It’s custom to bow when in the presence of the Fane family. Sorry, hold on just a second…the Fane family came from an illustrious royal lineage of kings, queens, emperors and caciques in fact no longer than that if you could just close your eyes and wander further…yes that’s better. Do you see that family […]