Relationship Advice For The Indecisive

It’s quite ironic but I’m actually going to advise you to take as little advice as possible. If you must get some advice I would also suggest that you seek it from people who have shown you on numerous occasions that they have your best interest at heart. No new or recent friends professing toContinue reading “Relationship Advice For The Indecisive”

Support For Some Single Parents

I recently read one man’s rant about black single mothers shaking black men down for money. He claimed that black women try to get black men locked up for non-payment of child support and more. Yes, I will state and own my position that most of the man’s tirade in short can be summed upContinue reading “Support For Some Single Parents”

…The Common Adult Tantrum 

Not too long ago a friend asked me what they should do about their partner. Despite, living together they just couldn’t get their significant other to speak to them and were upset that instead of highlighting the issue their spouse would spend evenings worth of their time on the phone talking to their friend. ClearlyContinue reading “…The Common Adult Tantrum “

Is Change A Relationship Deal-Breaker?

In life people change in numerous ways depending on their experiences or environment, preferences and physiology but should this be a negative for a relationship? 50:50  No I’m not sitting on the fence I’m giving you the basic probability to stay or leave, which depending on your context increases or decreases in either direction. However,Continue reading “Is Change A Relationship Deal-Breaker?”

It’s Not You, It’s Definitely Them (Friend?)

Can I change your life? Nope but you definitely can. Am I talking about a rags to riches story? No, otherwise I would be sending you some money right now. I’m talking about the little changes that snowball to bring you at least a few moments of peace. Before you ask, no I’m not referringContinue reading “It’s Not You, It’s Definitely Them (Friend?)”