Beyond (Short Story Tribute to Father’s Day)

It began with a low rumble and ended with a superlative screech in the knick of time. The mission to the information hub was very unpredictable. Many had tried and few consistently succeeded but this did not deter Stephen who had no formal training but two very enthusiastic mentors. They shared their knowledge and methodsContinue reading “Beyond (Short Story Tribute to Father’s Day)”

Just A Hunch – Short Story

‘Anthony can you hear me?’ What kind of question was that? He thought, of course he could hear them. Every single one of them and they were annoyingly talking over each other like a fan gushing over their favourite band member. All statements and very little substance, seasoned with spontaneous vague questioning. No that wasContinue reading “Just A Hunch – Short Story”

This Could Be You (Short Story Tribute To Mental Health Week)

‘Shut up! Shut up! You’re so annoying. Why are you always talking over me when I’m trying to listen.’ Travis scolded breaking the silence of his cousin’s house. Simon had been his only relative to invite him over for the holiday festivities and although Travis was grateful he felt he could do without the lectures,Continue reading “This Could Be You (Short Story Tribute To Mental Health Week)”

…Because You Inspire Me

  You’re so near, yet equally distant and I am unable to comfort you. As you give your worries to the space around us, remember my protection. Our relationship withstands the test of time. Your friend always. Tree   What I felt upon seeing my nephews in the park, captured in my interpretation of natures’ thoughts.Continue reading “…Because You Inspire Me”

That’s Better (Short Story)

  Emma had been a bundle of nerves for weeks. Her husband Roger had beared the brunt of her anxious outbursts and odd requests, by casually reiterating to his wife that she should simply make a checklist. Knowing his wife Roger added that the checklist would help her to stay on task and keep herContinue reading “That’s Better (Short Story)”

‘THE COUGH’ – Discussion, Plot, Characters etc

  Quick Acknowledgements (Ignore if you don’t like soppiness) Okay so Amazon is playing with me right now and keeping the book to themselves but hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer to get a copy of my first novel. Yes I do feel your support, although I don’t know who you are. IContinue reading “‘THE COUGH’ – Discussion, Plot, Characters etc”

It’s Just Hair

It’s just hair said everyone and believed no one especially me. I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease about fourteen years ago and was now also in the grey area of a Thyroid condition. Even after I was discharged from hospital care I still had related symptoms that I had tried my best to manageContinue reading “It’s Just Hair”

You Saw Everything But Believed Nothing

  They sauntered in and you were enthralled by their presence. You opened up to receive their instruction. They handed over all that they would no longer carry. You accomodated this share on top of your own possessions. They discovered peace in the fortune of your generosity. You extended yourself to manage the balancing act.Continue reading “You Saw Everything But Believed Nothing”

Family Feuds****

Why do some families become distant or remain in persistent conflict? I’m referring to the arguments that may have long lost sight of the initial disagreement topic. Poor communication, selfishness  and envy or competition instantly come to mind. After some reflection, I’ve come to conclusion that the former variables are influential but not the rootContinue reading “Family Feuds****”