MAAAN!!! A MAN (part 2)

…but was urged by Gloria to let Omar be, which was a good decision considering Omar shortly returned with a small weirdly shaped ball in hand. The Prince enthusiastically guzzled an entire positivity potion save for a few drops, placing the empty bottle near the rocking penguins. The swirl of purple vapour from the rimContinue reading “MAAAN!!! A MAN (part 2)”

Nope!!! Not Today (Story)

(pic from Dylan stumbled through the cornfield on his parents’ farm completely aware that someone would soon come looking for him. The smell of the moist soil was a pleasant distraction from the chaos he felt in company. Especially, with Hank the Milkman’s son who owned a finely-tuned silver tongue. An armour so beguilingContinue reading “Nope!!! Not Today (Story)”

Good Girls 

(pic by  Most claim to know one but the biggest challenge isn’t the shift. Impressions or social aversion to the name.  Antagonising internalisations of the sometimes steadfast, the experience or thoughts that directly battles with a being so easily championed.  Human. The voice that rages after mishaps coaxing the return to self. SpiritsContinue reading “Good Girls “

Awkward questions for adults…

(Jay Z pic by buzz feed) If you’re feeling serious abort, abort now!!! 1. Did you brush your teeth today? 2. Did you bathe today? 3. Have you ever gone without washing your hands after using the toilet? 4  Do you pick your nose?      FOLLOW UP     Can we confirm this withContinue reading “Awkward questions for adults…”

#Decipher The Plot Challenge

   Vanessa sat alone in the apartment she bought for her love, she sobbed hysterically but briefly before correcting her emotional response. As Vanessa became quiet with her thoughts the rustling of the leaves outside her open window further calmed her senses, her conscience. She pulled the provoking image out of the photo album, neatlyContinue reading “#Decipher The Plot Challenge”

For Every Antagonism Resolves (Short Story)

For Every Antagonism Resolves……. The roaring crowd of children told Jennifer everything she needed to know. Just when things had seemingly settled down and dare she think it feel comfortable again, Jennifer knew that when she reached her destination she would be enraged all over again. Taking off towards the chaos Jennifer sighed; this routineContinue reading “For Every Antagonism Resolves (Short Story)”

Just A Hunch – Short Story

‘Anthony can you hear me?’ What kind of question was that? He thought, of course he could hear them. Every single one of them and they were annoyingly talking over each other like a fan gushing over their favourite band member. All statements and very little substance, seasoned with spontaneous vague questioning. No that wasContinue reading “Just A Hunch – Short Story”

This Could Be You (Short Story Tribute To Mental Health Week)

‘Shut up! Shut up! You’re so annoying. Why are you always talking over me when I’m trying to listen.’ Travis scolded breaking the silence of his cousin’s house. Simon had been his only relative to invite him over for the holiday festivities and although Travis was grateful he felt he could do without the lectures,Continue reading “This Could Be You (Short Story Tribute To Mental Health Week)”

…Because You Inspire Me

  You’re so near, yet equally distant and I am unable to comfort you. As you give your worries to the space around us, remember my protection. Our relationship withstands the test of time. Your friend always. Tree   What I felt upon seeing my nephews in the park, captured in my interpretation of natures’ thoughts.Continue reading “…Because You Inspire Me”