It’s Only Social Media For the most part I lean towards altruism in physical contexts. I’m considerate of others, empathic, helpful and other synonyms (so people tell me 😊). Yes I try to be that person and so far so good…OTHER THAN social media. Before you get slightly worried no I’m currently not and never will I everContinue reading “It’s Only Social Media”

Natural Sleep Remedy

The only part of the ‘light skin’ ‘dark skin’ debate that I have time for is its laughable and obvious contradiction. To support either side says to the beautiful array of our fellow human beings you are not even worth a mention. It is not inclusive, though you may believe you are helping to give aContinue reading “Natural Sleep Remedy”

Conscious Communicators – Do They Exist?

With so many opinions and such little time, I often wonder if people actually take a breath to listen anymore. I also wonder what really happened, to make some seemingly lagging or clueless when it comes to communication. Clearly my title sums up my initial thoughts following the demands of those I speak of rightContinue reading “Conscious Communicators – Do They Exist?”

Stop Advertising Your Partner

  I’m going to assume that you are not a pimp so why do you find the need to share your partner’s beguiling traits and divulge every other detail about them? “I love them” “I’m proud of them” “They’re my baby, my boo so special to me” Key phrase ‘my baby’ and that’s how youContinue reading “Stop Advertising Your Partner”

But I’m Not A Hare, I’m A Tortoise! 

Were my thoughts after speaking to a friend that I had not spoken to in quite some time. We went through the formalities before she hit her stride and proceeded to grill me for a relationship update: “Are you seeing anyone?” She was recently married, yes you heard right I had just discovered this so clearlyContinue reading “But I’m Not A Hare, I’m A Tortoise! “

Show Me The Money

I’m talking about finances in relationships… Who should provide? In the past it was considered socially appropriate for the man in our lives to provide and for some this has continued. This was predominately tied to the ideology of what made a traditional man. A construct that has more recently been connected to the stigmatised imageContinue reading “Show Me The Money”

What Starts Small?

Most things in life start quite small: the flirtation leading to a full fledged relationship, the business idea that eventually made millions with the right team to even the feeling to release an emotion that led to my ebook and a blog. Do not and I repeat do not be disheartened by the lack ofContinue reading “What Starts Small?”

…Say Something

In the last few decades it’s apparent that  some men know as much or more about makeup as some women. Therefore, I find it quite odd that makeup has such an impact on others’…perceptions *cough* judgements. I remember going to my local bank to make a deposit and being greeted by friendly staff. Not only attentive,Continue reading “…Say Something”

…The Common Adult Tantrum 

Not too long ago a friend asked me what they should do about their partner. Despite, living together they just couldn’t get their significant other to speak to them and were upset that instead of highlighting the issue their spouse would spend evenings worth of their time on the phone talking to their friend. ClearlyContinue reading “…The Common Adult Tantrum “