Language of her heart

(pic from The feat of the beast, the rising knots of hair. The source that betrayed her, when everyone was there. The increasing thoughts of yonder, in the palms of once strangers. The plunge of relief, announced the wakening of the feast. The tappings of quiet change, like the itching of rife mange.  BirthedContinue reading “Language of her heart”

Nope!!! Not Today (Story)

(pic from Dylan stumbled through the cornfield on his parents’ farm completely aware that someone would soon come looking for him. The smell of the moist soil was a pleasant distraction from the chaos he felt in company. Especially, with Hank the Milkman’s son who owned a finely-tuned silver tongue. An armour so beguilingContinue reading “Nope!!! Not Today (Story)”

Good Girls 

(pic by  Most claim to know one but the biggest challenge isn’t the shift. Impressions or social aversion to the name.  Antagonising internalisations of the sometimes steadfast, the experience or thoughts that directly battles with a being so easily championed.  Human. The voice that rages after mishaps coaxing the return to self. SpiritsContinue reading “Good Girls “

Awkward questions for adults…

(Jay Z pic by buzz feed) If you’re feeling serious abort, abort now!!! 1. Did you brush your teeth today? 2. Did you bathe today? 3. Have you ever gone without washing your hands after using the toilet? 4  Do you pick your nose?      FOLLOW UP     Can we confirm this withContinue reading “Awkward questions for adults…”

Motivation for Today and the Future

No matter how hard things seem our situations will change so we must keep going. No matter how many doors close as we reach for our dreams one will open. No matter how vast our feelings heighten and how many tears we shed we will eventually find time for peace. No matter how lonely weContinue reading “Motivation for Today and the Future”

👀 Freaking Good Fashion Watching

In 2017 as well as writing stories, participating in global thrill-seeking experiences, working and supporting as many good causes as possible I also hope to continue my journey as a fashion watcher. Yes, you read this correctly and no don’t get worried I’m not referring to the person sat across from me awkward but the billions ofContinue reading “👀 Freaking Good Fashion Watching”

#Decipher The Plot Challenge

   Vanessa sat alone in the apartment she bought for her love, she sobbed hysterically but briefly before correcting her emotional response. As Vanessa became quiet with her thoughts the rustling of the leaves outside her open window further calmed her senses, her conscience. She pulled the provoking image out of the photo album, neatlyContinue reading “#Decipher The Plot Challenge”

This Really Is Christmas… (Story)

The pouring of snowflakes elicited a shiver of optimism for Thalia, as she braved the cold to top up the food stock for her parents’ traditional dinner. She couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful treats that would be made. A glorious smell ingrained in the visuals of her mind: crispy roasted potatoes, aContinue reading “This Really Is Christmas… (Story)”

A TOWN CALLED CRAVE (the beginning)

The tracker network was installed overnight. The quick zooom!!! that sounded like the tight squeeze of something caught in a suction device was paired with an orange beam of light. The atom scanners were the town’s latest addition and sent tagging information back to Crave Corporation. Doctor Locke had already received intel that Mayor Heckle sentContinue reading “A TOWN CALLED CRAVE (the beginning)”

Autumnally Unforgettable (part 2 of Summer Plans the short story)

Miranda had bravely managed to recount much of what had to be a very traumatic experience for anyone, let alone a teenager. After my typical thirty minutes were up, I decided it was probably best to take a break from the topic. I suggested that we could meet again tomorrow to get Miranda’s final thoughtsContinue reading “Autumnally Unforgettable (part 2 of Summer Plans the short story)”