Speak Like You Know Me (Discussion and Poem)

Pic from tameramowry.com Speak Like You Know Me Femme fatale, vixen, temptress, siren, seductress find the worthy noun.  Part of the same crowd. Subjected, rejected and used.  Perhaps that what you mean by unexplainably obtuse. The overlooked,  Heralded responsible or nurturing.  Saved by the measures that the fearless championed. Took. Abused and tortured,  The outright […]

That Spark!!!

Copyright Teherah Wheeler (©) 2016 Okay so this is what I’ve been doing over the last few months…WRITING!!!! 🎉🎉🤓 In December last year I was minding my own business and catching up on the news, when a lovers’ tiff appeared on my social media  timeline. Now, I wouldn’t really count myself as particularly romantic but […]

Ripple (Story)

The charmer sucked the life from the petals of the last Truth Tree and the people of Serenity were confounded by the sudden desire for conflict and terror. The first wave brought nonsensical  killings and exploitation to rival all the previous founding wars. The blood shed was crippling and the landscape became blurred with nuclear […]

Memories of the Marsh

Stretched across one another, your hold elicits stares.  Golden memories of our youth, when we were vulnerable. Green. Slow dancing oblivious to interruption, our journeys languidly intertwined.  We both like the same things, and still we changed with time.  Brown. Shades just like two, limbs displaying strength. Dampening streams run down me,  as I cling […]

Language of her heart

(pic from boredart.com) The feat of the beast, the rising knots of hair. The source that betrayed her, when everyone was there. The increasing thoughts of yonder, in the palms of once strangers. The plunge of relief, announced the wakening of the feast. The tappings of quiet change, like the itching of rife mange.  Birthed […]

Nope!!! Not Today (Story)

(pic from susannepage.com) Dylan stumbled through the cornfield on his parents’ farm completely aware that someone would soon come looking for him. The smell of the moist soil was a pleasant distraction from the chaos he felt in company. Especially, with Hank the Milkman’s son who owned a finely-tuned silver tongue. An armour so beguiling […]

Good Girls 

(pic by hbbscounselling.org)  Most claim to know one but the biggest challenge isn’t the shift. Impressions or social aversion to the name.  Antagonising internalisations of the sometimes steadfast, the experience or thoughts that directly battles with a being so easily championed.  Human. The voice that rages after mishaps coaxing the return to self. Spirits […]