REBOOT! – Mental Strength and Healing

pic from Take action now with this link to motivational quotes REBOOT! The rise and descend of reaction. The forceful release of revenge, readily clung to finite resolution. One apparent option stressed. Acknowledge. Glaringly awkward and slick. All roads leading to high ground seemingly smashed to smithereens. Moisture darted, exhausted breaths, no reason andContinue reading “REBOOT! – Mental Strength and Healing”

Natural Sleep Remedy

The only part of the ‘light skin’ ‘dark skin’ debate that I have time for is its laughable and obvious contradiction. To support either side says to the beautiful array of our fellow human beings you are not even worth a mention. It is not inclusive, though you may believe you are helping to give aContinue reading “Natural Sleep Remedy”

It’s Just Hair

It’s just hair said everyone and believed no one especially me. I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease about fourteen years ago and was now also in the grey area of a Thyroid condition. Even after I was discharged from hospital care I still had related symptoms that I had tried my best to manageContinue reading “It’s Just Hair”

Inspiration…And Then?!!

You perceive yourself as a positive individual good. You surround yourself with motivational books, quotes and other resources even better. I’ll just leave a few of my favourites over here…. Okay slight understatement with ‘few’ but it’s to show you that I’ve been there. Reading all the positive information I could get my hands on,Continue reading “Inspiration…And Then?!!”

But I’m Not A Hare, I’m A Tortoise! 

Were my thoughts after speaking to a friend that I had not spoken to in quite some time. We went through the formalities before she hit her stride and proceeded to grill me for a relationship update: “Are you seeing anyone?” She was recently married, yes you heard right I had just discovered this so clearlyContinue reading “But I’m Not A Hare, I’m A Tortoise! “

Show Me The Money

I’m talking about finances in relationships… Who should provide? In the past it was considered socially appropriate for the man in our lives to provide and for some this has continued. This was predominately tied to the ideology of what made a traditional man. A construct that has more recently been connected to the stigmatised imageContinue reading “Show Me The Money”