Autumnally Unforgettable (part 2 of Summer Plans the short story)

Miranda had bravely managed to recount much of what had to be a very traumatic experience for anyone, let alone a teenager. After my typical thirty minutes were up, I decided it was probably best to take a break from the topic. I suggested that we could meet again tomorrow to get Miranda’s final thoughtsContinue reading “Autumnally Unforgettable (part 2 of Summer Plans the short story)”

That’s Better (Short Story)

  Emma had been a bundle of nerves for weeks. Her husband Roger had beared the brunt of her anxious outbursts and odd requests, by casually reiterating to his wife that she should simply make a checklist. Knowing his wife Roger added that the checklist would help her to stay on task and keep herContinue reading “That’s Better (Short Story)”

‘THE COUGH’ – Discussion, Plot, Characters etc

  Quick Acknowledgements (Ignore if you don’t like soppiness) Okay so Amazon is playing with me right now and keeping the book to themselves but hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer to get a copy of my first novel. Yes I do feel your support, although I don’t know who you are. IContinue reading “‘THE COUGH’ – Discussion, Plot, Characters etc”

The Cough *Thriller*

Contemplating divorce from his second wife and buried in debt to boot, Edmund refused to accept that this would be his life. It was surreal, too far removed from what was expected for someone like him. Just when Edmund thought things could not get any worse secrets around him begin to unravel. Edmund was not aContinue reading “The Cough *Thriller*”