It’s Science Time!!!

Okay so long story short I was asked to complete a 6000 word literature review on any topic so I chose…. Salivary Biomarkers for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. *sigh* I mean YAAAAY!!!! Okay so I started all interested reading so much and getting the background information ready when I realised there were LOADS of scientificContinue reading “It’s Science Time!!!”

MAAAN!!! A MAN (part 3)

On the eighth floor the elevator doors sprung open with new vigour, Omar hurried out to stretch his legs and inhale some fresh air. As he looked around it became apparent that this kingdom was distinctively different. Then he realized why; the tall and sickly thin green trees were blades of grass and the unattendedContinue reading “MAAAN!!! A MAN (part 3)”

For Every Antagonism Resolves (Short Story)

For Every Antagonism Resolves……. The roaring crowd of children told Jennifer everything she needed to know. Just when things had seemingly settled down and dare she think it feel comfortable again, Jennifer knew that when she reached her destination she would be enraged all over again. Taking off towards the chaos Jennifer sighed; this routineContinue reading “For Every Antagonism Resolves (Short Story)”