MAAAN!!! A MAN (part 3)

On the eighth floor the elevator doors sprung open with new vigour, Omar hurried out to stretch his legs and inhale some fresh air. As he looked around it became apparent that this kingdom was distinctively different. Then he realized why; the tall and sickly thin green trees were blades of grass and the unattendedContinue reading “MAAAN!!! A MAN (part 3)”

REBOOT! – Mental Strength and Healing

pic from Take action now with this link to motivational quotes REBOOT! The rise and descend of reaction. The forceful release of revenge, readily clung to finite resolution. One apparent option stressed. Acknowledge. Glaringly awkward and slick. All roads leading to high ground seemingly smashed to smithereens. Moisture darted, exhausted breaths, no reason andContinue reading “REBOOT! – Mental Strength and Healing”

‘No Little One’ (The Rating Game) True Story

It’s time to laugh at myself again…… The title was my first thought when I overheard the comments of two teenage boys. They had taken it upon themselves to judge how close to perfection (limited to ten) passengers on the train were and yes this included me. In fact they started with me, which wasContinue reading “‘No Little One’ (The Rating Game) True Story”


A vessel of change A beginner and master of skills A nurturer of life and death A receiver of supportive and toxic ideology The mannequin of appropriation The vulnerable canvas of social media Why then is it so challenging to comprehend being receptive to trusting ourselves? Whilst we already trust others that we may neverContinue reading “Open”

Beyond (Short Story Tribute to Father’s Day)

It began with a low rumble and ended with a superlative screech in the knick of time. The mission to the information hub was very unpredictable. Many had tried and few consistently succeeded but this did not deter Stephen who had no formal training but two very enthusiastic mentors. They shared their knowledge and methodsContinue reading “Beyond (Short Story Tribute to Father’s Day)”

Just A Hunch – Short Story

‘Anthony can you hear me?’ What kind of question was that? He thought, of course he could hear them. Every single one of them and they were annoyingly talking over each other like a fan gushing over their favourite band member. All statements and very little substance, seasoned with spontaneous vague questioning. No that wasContinue reading “Just A Hunch – Short Story”

‘THE COUGH’ – Discussion, Plot, Characters etc

  Quick Acknowledgements (Ignore if you don’t like soppiness) Okay so Amazon is playing with me right now and keeping the book to themselves but hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer to get a copy of my first novel. Yes I do feel your support, although I don’t know who you are. IContinue reading “‘THE COUGH’ – Discussion, Plot, Characters etc”

The Cough *Thriller*

Contemplating divorce from his second wife and buried in debt to boot, Edmund refused to accept that this would be his life. It was surreal, too far removed from what was expected for someone like him. Just when Edmund thought things could not get any worse secrets around him begin to unravel. Edmund was not aContinue reading “The Cough *Thriller*”

Inspiration…And Then?!!

You perceive yourself as a positive individual good. You surround yourself with motivational books, quotes and other resources even better. I’ll just leave a few of my favourites over here…. Okay slight understatement with ‘few’ but it’s to show you that I’ve been there. Reading all the positive information I could get my hands on,Continue reading “Inspiration…And Then?!!”